Foot Orthotics

Lower leg, heel, and foot pain can be unbearable, but Dr. Brian Ting at Advanced Foot & Ankle Center in Moline, IL, can help you achieve relief through custom orthotics and other techniques.

Causes of Lower Leg and Foot Pain

Chronic pain in these areas is typically due to one of two things: being on your feet too long without proper support, or a structural issue in the feet. Some examples of structural issues include high or low arches and overpronation.

Issues such as these cause weight to be distributed unevenly, leading to pain in the lower legs. Sometimes, these issues can lead to pain all the way to the lower back.

Being on your feet too long, such as if you work as a nurse, construction worker, or restaurant employee, can also take a toll, as can running. Such activities and lines of work can create undue strain on the soft tissues, leading to plantar fasciitis and other conditions. The likelihood of these conditions and injuries increases if structural issues are also present.

What Are Custom Orthotics For?

Custom orthotic inserts are designed specifically for your feet and any issues you might have. The goal is to provide customized comfort, support, and weight distribution.

For example, if you have low arches and pronation issues, your orthotics will be built in such a way that they compensate for these issues to ensure your weight is distributed evenly. They reduce unnecessary pressure, pain, and discomfort. If issues in your feet are also causing back pain, you’ll find that this pain is also reduced.

Why Do I Need Custom Orthotic Inserts?

Many people purchase inserts off the shelf from their local retailer, assuming they are the same thing. This is not the case, as those from retailers are made for general purposes and sizes. They might provide some cushioning, but they do not address any other needs. Custom options are designed specifically for you.

Learn if custom orthotics are right for you by visiting Dr. Ting at Advanced Foot & Ankle Center in Moline, IL. Schedule an appointment today by calling (309) 762-5655. 

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