Foot Warts

Are you concerned about foot warts? Do you have questions about their symptoms and treatment options? We at Advanced Foot & Ankle Center have answers for you in our Foot Warts FAQ. If you’d like more comprehensive information, or would like to make an appointment, call or come by our office today at 309-762-5655.

What are Foot Warts?

Foot warts, or Plantar Warts as they are also known, are rough foot growths that typically are found on the heels or the balls of the foot. The pressure from a person’s weight makes a callus or thickening of the skin as a wart grows beneath. These foot warts are caused by the virus HPV, which gets into the foot by small cuts or breaks in the skin. Some go away without treatment, while others need intervention to get rid of them.

How are Foot Warts Diagnosed?

Doctors can tell if it is a foot wart by sight, or barring that, can cut the top layer of the callus off and check for dots that show clotted blood vessels. Sometimes the doctor will take a small portion to have it analyzed in the lab. Whatever the way, a diagnosis is usually quick.

What are the Treatment Options for Foot Warts?

There are several treatment options for foot warts. Cryotherapy, or freezing, is where there is liquid nitrogen that is applied to the wart for it to fall off. This can be painful so a numbing agent is usually used for it. This type of therapy can also boost your immune system to ward off viral warts, but may need repeating every 2-3 weeks until it goes away. Another form of therapy is using salicylic acid to remove the wart layer by layer. You’d be putting on this medicine at home at regular intervals until it goes away, which may take weeks. If neither of these work, more intensive options are available. There is laser therapy and surgery, both of which can get into the wart and remove it. There is always the chance for these to come back so you will need to watch for that after the removal.

At Advanced Foot & Ankle Care we specialize in the care and treatment of your feet. We know how troublesome plantar warts can be for you and want to get you well on your way to better health. Give our office a call at 309-762-5655 today for your appointment.

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